Help is available.

I can facilitate the care selection process for distant family members, as well as for those who live nearby but do not know how to tap into the appropriate local services.

You can hire me for a single, specific task, such as helping you with personal care or enriched living, physician appointments, or to oversee care and/or housing placement. I can help families or seniors who are overwhelmed and concerned.  My goal is to help you be proactive in your decision making to optimize your options.

Housing Options
Strategic Planning
Care Coordination

Are you struggling with elder care decision-making? Do you wonder if your loved one is safe at home alone? Are you in-the-midst of a crisis with your aging loved one—medication compliance, driving concerns, wondering about next steps?


Overwhelmed with how to relocate your aging loved one from their home? Are you considering having your parent/aging loved-one moving in with you? Are you considering your housing care options?  

  + Independent Living

  + Assisted Living

  + Dementia Care

  + Home Care Options

  + Funding Assistance


Dealing with a complex situation such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, having a health issue which is needing special assistance or transitional input. Please feel free to call me to tap into my resources and experiences.  It is possible I will offer a new option you did not consider. Many families are not sure what costs are.  


A two-hour family consult runs $75.00/hr. in your home. A consultation includes an eldercare screening, a brief education on Medicare and Medicaid, and an assessment of housing safety and options. I'll inquire about the client's medical history to help develop a care plan, taking note of past and present illness to best serve your loved one's needs.




Connect to a Network of Professionals

In addition, to help seniors and their families directly, I can act as your informed connection with a range of other professionals who are part of a network of service providers such as:


  • Attorneys - I can provide a list of reputable attorneys who focus on elder care issuesBe sure to have your documents in order:  Living Will, Resuscitation Orders, POA for Finance, and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care.


  • Physicians - I can be a liaison between doctors and other health professionals, and the elder patient and family members and assist you to doctor appointments if needed.


  • Social Workers - hospitals and nursing home social workers, and discharge planners appreciate knowing there is a partner assisting them in coordinating care for an aging patient. Most Hospitals hand you a list of nursing home/rehab centers and say your loved one will be discharged in 24 hours.  Do you know how to exercise your best option?


  • Home Care Companies - I know of reputable local home health agencies and general costs for both skilled and non-skilled home help support.


  • Senior Communities/Facilities - I can help you identify types of care facilities and assist you in selecting an appropriate one for your situation. I can greatly smooth the transition into or out of a senior community, for both the elderly resident, family members, and associated staff.


  • Long- Range Planning - I have a reputable resource for Medicare Supplement and Long-Term Care Insurance. Retirement Planning Connections to assist with asset protection. Medicaid spend-down, and Veterans' Aid Benefits.


How do you look for someone like Joyce on the internet? Near impossible. She discovered us in-the-midst of crisis. She got the ship upright and back on course quickly. She restored quality-of-life for months before dad’s passing. This was important to us as we were out-of-state. She made things happen light years faster than we imagined. What a great project manager she turned out to be with her resources.   


- Steve

Joyce is caring, compassionate, honest and insightful as she comes alongside you and your family to guide you through decisions toward dignity and quality care that fits all aspects and timelines in discerning senior care living. Joyce truly cares for you like family. Thank you, Joyce, for your love and care that goes above and beyond!


 - Nancy

We could not have transitioned my father into a senior community without enlisting Joyce’s expertise. She was a valuable asset as she guided us through the entire process. 

- Gary and Jan 

Joyce took charge precisely when we needed it and helped us uncover options we never dreamed were available to us. Placement went very smooth and dad was quickly living happily with other seniors.  


- Michael, John

Joyce knows her stuff! When it came to caring for mom she was on top of things and aware of potential concerns to run interference avoiding some problems. She was there in the crisis to manage and implement end-of-life choices.  


 - Judi   

Joyce came into our lives about four years ago when she assisted us in transitioning our mother from assisted-living to a full care nursing facility. Her compassion and understanding of the elderly helped us to understand the progression of dementia giving us the insight of what that looks like, sounds like, and feels like. She became our mother’s best friend; taking her on outings, finding crafts she could complete successfully and taking her to church, which meant a great deal to her. Joyce is truly a blessing and we will forever be thankful for what she gave our mom.                                                                   


- Lynne


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